Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My husband screws up potty training

Disclaimer: I know I am "supposed" to call it potty learning. What-evah. I've always called it potty training and I don't care enough to re-train myself. HA! I crack myself up!

Potty training scares me. It always has. When Joseph was little, I was bombarded with stories about how doing xyz would cause my child to withhold his poop until it turned into a rock and had to extracted, how I would be scrubbing out my carpet everyday, there would be tears, massive battles and it.would.suck.

All of this was terrifying to a young(er) mother and caused me to doubt my son's signs of readiness. When he began peeing in front of the potty before our morning shower when he was 15 months old, my mother advised me to put him on the potty. "If he went, great!" she said. "If he didn't, great! At least he would get used to sitting on the potty and if he peed, he wouldn't pee on your floor!"
Win-win, right? But everyone SWORE that my merely setting his little tushie on the potty, I would SCAR HIM FOR LIFE and he would withhold on me and NEVER PEE ON THE POTTY AGAIN.

Excuse me while I get myself out of the fetal position.

In reality, we had very few issues with potty training him OR Camille. I encouraged "no fear" of the potty. They often joined me in the bathroom (there went privacy!) and I flushed the potty around them. They sat on the potty before bathroom and I encouaged them to wash their hands and flush. We had no problems using the big potties and both PT'd without incident or problems. And, of course, neither are scarred for life.

So how did Adam screw this up? Well, I had a couple of rules for PTing-
1. NO LITTLE POTTIES- I brought a seat that fit into the top of the big potty. Waste went right into the big potty and I didn't have to wash out a little potty. Rock on!
2. No potties in the living room- See rule number one.

Adam ran out to the local mega super store tonight and found on sale, a one time only buy, a Lightening McQueen Potty. It even makes revving noises when you flush.

*head desk*

Of course, it does come apart so the seat can sit on the big potty. And Adam SWEARS it will go in the bathroom. Uh-huh. I know my kid and I doubt he will leave his trains, the Wii or the dog long enough to use the potty in another room.

Le sigh. I think I am going to be cleaning out a potty- blech.

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