Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of Oz

Here in the mid-west. we've been struck by feet of snow. It's a true blizzard, with reduced visability, wind chills, the whole nine yard. Adam even left work early on Tuesday- a rare event in itself!

The kids and I have been trapped inside since Monday night. Joseph has perfected his Wii fencing skills. Cole is on the edge of standing alone. Georgie has enjoyed "playing" Wii with Joseph and Camille has been in her room, playing with her birthday toys. Of course, they are eating me out of house and home.

I've been keeping busy cleaning, washing diapers, more cleaning, cooking with my new Kitchen Aide mixer and musing about where I want life to go. I signed up to March For Babies again this year, right after Easter. I'm trying to sew, but the kids are getting in the way. Lol. Tomorrow I am going to hang pictures. A stir crazy mother and a hammer. Dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, I put Cole down for a nap this morning and went to exercise. I got a solid seven minutes of a ten minute workout in when Georgie came up to me with a peek a block. He handed it to me... with a steak knife! Yikes! I made the quick desicion to stop pilates! Is God trying to tell me something- like stay fat, flabby and tired?!

Tonight Joseph and I cuddled on the couch and read him some of his library books. Last year, he was all about Fluffy. Now, it's dogs or battleships. He thought they would help him with his game Battleship. I ended up reading about different battleships and aircraft carriers. I had to explain military war tactics to him and Pearl Harbor! I was temped to call my father or Adam's grandfather and let THEM explain the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor!

We are off school tomorrow. I need to cancel my drs appointment again. I think I am just going to ask them to refill my script and I will make an appointment for March. This weather is making it impossible for me to get to them- 45 minutes away!

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