Monday, February 28, 2011

Many Gifts Monday

13. dense fog- the fog rolled in Sunday and it reminded me of the fog that rolled over the hills when we lived in New York. I would try and chase the fog, hoping to find myself incased in it. Fog also makes me thankful for...

14. blue skies- because as neat and romantic as fog is, it makes me long for the blue skies.

15. Baby teeth cutting through and releasing my baby from teething pain... for now!

16. wild toddler hair

17. MOPS Mondays and my table of friends.

18. MOPS childcare and the chance to sit alone without my soon-to-be toddler climbing on me, yet...

19. The joy that comes with feeling weird and unnatural WITHOUT a baby snuggled in my lap. It means I've been blessed with many snuggly children over the years and am used to having a baby cuddled with me.

20. Target sales on shoes and the hope that I can score some much needed shoes for the summer at a decent price!

21. The process of cleaning out the closets and basement, throwing away items and donating them. It's soooo freeing to get rid of items we don't need or use! Ii can make way for things we REALLY need or find freedom in having less STUFF.

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  1. Great list! I am also thankful for my baby's first tooth finally starting to break through!

    Visiting from NPN. I'm now following you on GFC :-)