Friday, February 25, 2011

I hate dental work

I should come up with a catchy title but I can't think of one. I just really, really hate dental work.

I LOVE my dentist. I joke that the Herd and the Extended Herd (various in-laws) fund his vacation home as we all see him! He's very nice, really sweet and enjoys the children.He told me once that he likes seeing big families and thinks they are a joy to be around. He just scored life-long commitments from us for that!

I do think his office staff breathes a sigh of relief when we leave, though!

Anyway, I've had some major dental work done. I had fillings as a very young child- under ten years old. When I was a teenager, I had six teeth removed, several years of braces and major jaw surgery. Not too much later, I had some crowns put on. I guess crowns are only good for a finite amount of time because I needed mine replaced.

I arrive a week ago, sans kids, and the hygentists all smiled at me and told me how great it was that I had a morning free without kids. Um, I love them but having crowns removed was not my idea of quality alone time.

The dentist greeted me with a big smile and told me that it wouldn't hurt. I called him a liar and I wasn't joking. He assured me that he believes in pain-free crown removals and I said, "Yeah, I've had four kids without pain medication but I am NOT interested in feeling this!"

"Wow," he said. "I could never do that!"

"That's why you are a man and a dentist and I am a woman and I think teeth are squiky and yucky."

He laughed and asked me about my previous crown placments. I told him that when the former dentist did the shot of novacaine, they hit one of the screws in my jaw. Instead of taking out the needle, they simply twisted it to inject the medicine in another area. Ow. Very much ow.

Oh, and he was later convicted of a crime. Class act, that.

My dentist numbed my gums and then did the first two injections. A few minutes later, he did two more and I was nice and numb... on the top. When he went to do the lower removal, I could feel "cold." I told him and they injected me... two more times.

After those six total shots of novacaine, I was nice and numb from my eye sockets to my ear! I zoned out to my Hypnobabies and they finished up their work. When they placed the final temp crowns, I had two more shots- for a grand total of EIGHT shots of novacaine. I was lucky to feel my head attached to my neck when all was said and done!

Everything was fine, save some major sensitivity, until tonight. I took a second piece of chocolate and lost a crown. It is senstive to cold AIR now (greeeeeat) and I'm not sure how I am going to eat with the stupid thing off. I called the after hours dental line but I'm not sure if they have Saturday hours.

Serves me right for being a pig and eating candy. :/

I hate dental work.

I hate my stupid crowns.

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