Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pity, Party of One

Our first few days of the new year are not going as well as I would like.

Yesterday was fairly relaxing, even though I didn't get out of the house. Today was rough in the beginning. I HAD to do the grocery shopping. I wasn't about to run to Aldi and WM, so I picked WM since we also needed some WM only items, like milled flax seed and recharageable batteries. Adam was annoyed since he is Aldi spoiled and think the food at WM is over priced- whatever. I so don't have the energy for tons of errands.

I know I touched my sling before I left the house but it didn't make it to the car. I carried a sleeping Cole around the store, pushing or dragging the oversized cart with one hand. It was interesting. Thankfully, the lady at the check out was awesome and unloaded my cart for me. The, "You have your hands full" was followed by a "here, let me help!" which was just what I wanted to hear! I spent alot of money because we needed to restock but it was all healthy stuff and some major items, like a Thomas train for George (money from my brother) and rechargable batteries. Oh, and Christmas items on mega clearence. :)

I indulgened in a small pity party of one around lunch time. Lunch/nap is one of my hardest times of the day. Joseph and Camille used to always nap together whereas G and C2 rarely do so. I usually rock them both in the recliner, which is hard if one needs to nurse. I had a snivel moment because I wanted to play a game with Camille and I felt like I always put her off. Cole was crying and my trip to my parents was less than stellar. As Adam said, "You are NOTHING like your family. I can't figure out how you and your siblings came from the same two people." Thank you, hon. Neither can I.

The evening was better. Georgie had a FANTASTIC speech day and talked the whole time for her! He's really coming along nicely with more words in addition to vocalizations! Cole was in a pleasent mood and showed off his almost-crawling skillz. Dinner was good, even though I did read "apple cider" as "apple cider VINEGAR." Oops.

We played a game of Sorry! which Camille and I lost... but I reminded her that we beat the boys at Battleship. :) Board games are so much more fun with my kids than when I was the kid!

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