Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ack, our lives as we know it are over! Cole is mobile!

At his nine  month WCC, The Great and Humble Dr. H was worried about his gross motor skills. Cole wasn't really pulling up, nor was he cruising. He had juuuust begun to "army" crawl. He said to keep an eye on him and the ear infection could be causing his balance to be off a bit.

So what does Da Bear do when he gets home? Clamors to stand by the couch, holds on, makes a move to cruise and tries to let go to stand solo! Nice, huh? Stinker! He was pretty happy with himself.

As the week went on, his crawling picked up. Today he sped towards the dog's water dish, crawled under the table, tried to pull up on the train table to destroy the tracks, walked with help, stood at the activity table and flipped over and crawled away at lightening speed when I was trying to get his jammies on.

Poor Georgie isn't sure what he should do! Every time Cole does something new, it confused the G-Man. When Cole was crawling across the floor, he tried to pick him up. Then he began crawling. When they were playing at the activity table together, Georgie wanted to play with the "laptop" side Cole was on. So, of course, he tried to shove him out of the way! Nice.

We'll see what Cole gets into tomorrow. I'm betting my ability to sit around and eat bon bons has changed!

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