Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clothes, clothes, everywhere clothes

My parents arrived for the weekend and Mom is staying for a few days. I'm glad she's here- not only for the visit but for the heeeeelp. I get stuff DONE with another adult around who is always willing to read to the kids, play with them, cuddle, that sort of thing. Plus, I get to go to the dr's alone. SCORE.

I wasn't planning on buying diapers or sorting clothes but I've done both. I had to drop something off at the cloth diaper store so I spend a few moments (read:way too long!) looking for more one-size diapers for G. The hid has no diapers that fit him well. He has outgrown the Meduim Fuzzi Bunz that took Joe and Cami from six months old to potty training. I bought some petite FBs, because they are just a touch bigger, whereas larges are HUGE.

He needs a large.

Because I don't think Cole is going to get as big as Georgie, I don't want to buy lots of new diapers to never re-use again. Yes, I re-sell them, but it can be a hassle. I want one size pocket diapers to keep my stash streamlined and then use again with Cole once Georgie is done with them. The Knicker Nappies Disposanots OS work well. They fit him perfectly and don't leak around the edges. Swaddlebees OS also work well AND have cute prints. BONUS!

Does our local cloth diaper store carry those? NO. I ended up getting a FB OS, which works if I put the elastic on the largest setting. I also got the new BumGenuis! 4.0 with snaps (and in a print!). I don't want anymore velcro diapers.

I checked Etsy that night. I wish Etsy had been around when Joe was a baby! The WAHM made diapers are so much cuter and the boy prints are lovely. When Joseph was little, I couldn't find pocket diapers, like FB. They all needed a cover and most of them were character themed. He really wasn't into characters then. I couldn't pick between two prints, so I got both. One is vintage cars and the other is giraffes. Both are by Monkey Toes Diapers. So cute! I'm getting excited about cloth diapers again and am even motivated to fix the shot elastic on my old FBs.

Today I sorted through the clothes in the babies closet and went through items in the basement. I had bought a bunch of size 6 clothes from a friend for Cami. I brought up all the pants and some of the shirts that might fit her now. Of course, in the middle of winter, she had a growth spurt and had NO pants. She was grouchy and didn't like any of them, even though she had pre-approved them. Oh, well. Like Mom said, she'll probably like them tomorrow!

I now have a large rubbermaid tote with 2T-3T clothes, and a small container with size 12-24 month and a stack of items I want to save. I have 2-3 boxes that need to go to the basement to wait for a garage sale. I also went through Cami's closet and hung up clothes from the fall that might fit in the spring, and put away all her outgrown clothes. Mom took home some special dresses that I won't sell or give away. I am not sure what I want to do with them, like her flower girl dress, but I know I don't want to get rid of them.

I weeded through the babies clothes. Normally I leave everything that they can fit into in their dresser. However, they share a dresser and I am running out of room! I put away all of the jammies that are not Cars or Thomas for Georgie. He won't wear anything else! I did the same thing with Cole. I can't believe it, but the kid needs pants!

Tomorrow we are going to the mall. Cami and Joe want to go shopping, Mom is meeting a friend and I need to buy Cami's birthday present.

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