Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eve and all before that.

We have been so, so lucky to have had the perfect fall, almost Indian Summer, weather. The kids and I have been in and out of the house playing and running errands, trying to get as much outside time in as possible. The evenings have been cool but not freezing- perfect for our neighborhood S'Mores gathering last night!

 Joseph has his class party on Tuesday. It seems that the 80's have returned. In addition to TWO TMNT (my son included), there was a Ghostbuster! I remember being so scared of those movies when they first came out and now I bet my kids would just laugh at the special effects. I was unable to stay for the party and I felt bad about that. I always come for his parties but Georgie had speech. My mom was in town so she stayed and I took the babies home. It turned out well, since I got to really focus on Georgie, the therapist and tips and tricks.

There was school Wends but conferences after. Joseph had his on Thursday and I had to drag all four kids with me. It went okay, though. The report from his teacher was pretty good. He had 3 bad days but we think we got to the bottom of one of them. She said overall he is a good kid, very compassionate and his academic skills are just taking off! His reading has imporved 100 per cent since the beginning of the year. I love him reading to me! A whole new and wonderful world has been opened to him and I hope I never, ever get tired of listening to a new reader read!

Friday was Camille's party. Because preschool is in the middle of nap time AND the public school had off, I hired a baby sitter! I was going to take Cole but he porked himself out on baby food, nursed and fell asleep, so I left him too. I was able to watch the parade and them leave for an hour. I was DIZZY with option, let me tell you! I opted to go to the library for an hour. I picked up a couple new cookbooks and some stories to read with the older kids. It was nice to wander around and browse without my kids going cra-zy.

I went back for her little party. It was pretty sweet and I loved being able to focus on her and her class. She gets the short end of the stick. I wasn't able to be up much last year so I am glad I got to go to her class party now. They played bingo with candy corn, had cookies and juice and apples. I thought the organic apple slices in a bag were a great idea. They didn't turn brown and soft like home-sliced apples might and were nice and healthy. Their craft was a simple coloring sheet- pretty awesome.

Again, the 80's were back. There was a VINTAGE Strawberry Shortcake. I was impressed and pretty excited. Camille is getting into SS and it's been fun to watch with her. Pound Puppies is on now too; Joseph likes those.

The kids and I realized we have NO Halloween decorations. I'm not a "decorate the house for every blessed holiday" type person but I do love pumpkins and fall! This is the first year they are REALLY into it, so I told them we would buy some items when they went on sale this year. Cami, Mom and I found a sparkly purple sign for the front garden that says, "beware." Mom made a cute wooden "Candy Given Here" plaque for the front door. I know somewhere we have a table cloth and I found some napkins I had squirreled away. We found light-up pumpkins at Target (along with a Thomas costume-score!) that I told the kids we would buy this week- and some plates that I got. Cute pumpkin plates! For dinner tomorrow I think I am going to make "mummy hot dogs" (hot dogs wrapped in cresant rolls, like pigs in a blanket) with "blood and pus" (ketchup and mustard) to dip and maybe some pumpkin muffins.

Cole trying to escape his photo shoot!

Can't wait to post my Ninja turtle, butterfly/fairy/ballerina/princess, Thomas train and skeleton tomorrow!

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