Saturday, October 9, 2010

Georgie's new favorite resturant

My parents came up this weekend to visit the kids. The weekend started out rough: my parents were caught in a bad traffic jam two hours away and Georgie was up allll night on Friday which means Adam was up allll night. He won't admit it but he can become a BEAR when he does not get enough sleep- and not the cute little ColeBear either! I told Adam to sleep in this morning and that I would take the kids. No dice. Cole started sobbing when I was in the shower and then Adam wouldn't go back to sleep. He was in rare form for the rest of the day; I could tell he was tired.

My parents and I made a quick trip to the American Girl store and bookstore. Camille picked out a present for her friend's birthday and Mom had me pick out some new Thomas books for Georgie. The kid has very specific tastes. He wants the books with the photographs so they look just like the TV show, not books with drawings, thankyouverymuch! He won't let us read them but prefers to sit there and look at the pictures saying "whoo-whoo."

After that we went to the Elephant Bar. As soon as we walked in, Georgie got VERY excited and dragged me over to show me the metal giraffes. Then we had to see the elephants and the fans on the ceiling. When we sat down at the table, he  saw a little place card with a picture of a mint chocolate chip ice cream and brownie sundae. His eyes lit up and he pointed to it signing "more" and "eat." I was THRILLED and tempted to buy it for him right then to "reward" him for signing! (When we got to my parents hotel, he clearly wanted to get out of the car so I said, "Georgie, can you show Mommy please?" and he signed please! Yay!)

When the waitress brought our dishes, he was very excited and kept reaching for the food. He ended up eating three piece of calamari! What 22 month old like calamari??! Weirdo. He didn't eat much of his dinner but ended up eating all of my mother's rice.

(And I honestly tried to pay for their dinner but they took it from me- turkeys!)

Georgie's first speech session is Tuesday. He's started saying bye-bye; mostly when he knows you CAN'T hear him. He still says whoo-whoo, duh, ba, ma and na. That's about it!

Adam and Joe are camping tonight and I'm chilling in bed listening to the babies breathe on the monitor. Hopefully we will have a quiet night and morning!

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