Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cole's food

A few weeks ago, Cole was sitting on my lap while I was eating a Chik Fil A salad and grabbed my fork, trying to shove the lettuce in his mouth. I took the hint and started him on solids.

At six and a half months old, Cole eats:

*bresatmilk on demand for breakfast and lunch and in between
*one serving of "people food" with us for dinner. He is Very Serious about the whole endevor and is a full-face eater. His food end up in his eye lashes and all over his SHOES! He's had apples, squash, banana (which he doesn't like), sweet potatoes, corn and squash, veggie "casserole" and a few bites of a lentil dinner. He LOVED the lenitls. My father was throughly disgusted, as he ate alot of beans growing up and doesn't like them anymore.

Soon Cole is going to want food at every meal. I guess I should break out the hose and be prepared to bathe him every few hours...

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