Saturday, September 18, 2010

MOPping it up

One of the first friends I met when we moved in last year belongs to a local MOPS group. This year, she invited me to join. I had heard mixed things about MOPS from the interwebz. Some said that they like to convert people who are not Christians, like Catholics. Because, you know, apparently that isn't JESUS on our Cross. I also heard that they like to keep the kids in the nursery, which would not have flown with me as a Mother of One (who did not like to be away from his Mommy, kthankxbye).

But my friend is super cool and has never tried to "convert" me and just laughed when Joseph told her son that you can and should pray to Mary. I am cool with my kids being the nursery as long as they bring them to me when they need me and, besides, TIME ALONE. YAY!

So I signed up and was put as my friend's table (huh. How did THAT happen? ;P). I LOVE it. We had a little breakfast before hand with COFFEE. The discussion table was awesome and the speaker was very neat. I liked alot of her ideas for solving discipline problems with children. The people in the 12 Months and Under room wrote that Cole nursed on the white board so they knew to bring him to me and not look for a bottle. I saw several other babies in the room with their mothers, so I know if I had to keep him with me, it would be fine.

Camille was in the 4 Year Old room and she had a blast with her friend... although she apparently can't tell me what she learned. Georgie was put in the two year old room, which really confused me. Apparently, it is because he will be two most of the year. In true Georgie fashion, he was NOT HAPPY about this and required alot of attention. We're going to try one more week and then maybe move him to the 12-24 month room. I explained that he is young, attached, a preemie and not very verbal... they got it but he still cried and clung alot.

I am so looking forward to this year. I really need an outlet to make more mom friends and have playgroups for the kids. When Joseph was a baby, I was in a MOMS Club and loved our playgroup. It was one of the happiest times and we all still keep in touch via Facebook. I hope I can have that kind of friendship here!

On a side note, we made a little craft, canvas bags. My friend is an awesome baker and made all of us cupcakes. When I got home, Adam laughed at my craft but was super excited about the cupcake. He then teased me about my craft AGAIN and about the sweater I bought him at Banana Republic. So I ate the cupcake... by MYSELF. HA!

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