Thursday, August 5, 2010

two months of breastfeeding

This week marks two months since Cole had his tounge tie clipped. He is almost four months old.
For half his life, he has been exclusivly breastfed FROM THE BREAST.
He is currently refusing all bottles.

I am so.darned.happy!

Even if things hadn't worked out, I know I did everything in my power to help his tounge tie and get him breast milk. Even though we had to supplement with formula and he doesn't have a "virgin gut" I know we had good, solild reasons to do so. We spent money on bottles, formula and an LC and everything worked out.

It was a long, hard road and we slogged through it to get a happy, healthy baby who is gaining weight, meeting mildstones and not dehydrated.

I can't think back on those early days much. In hindsight, it was very scary to have such a sleepy baby who wasn't eating... crying... peeing or pooping enough. Mixing up formula at night and staying awake to feed him was forgien.

But we worked hard, we made it. I know formula isn't failure. I know that if I had stopped pumping or had been unable to make bfing from the tap work, no one would have blamed me. But you know what? We were faced with a significant challenge and we made it work! We MADE it! We achieved my goal-- a breastfed baby.

And we so rock!

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