Saturday, August 7, 2010

(sub)urban decay

About a month ago, we had Termix in to get rid of some mice. (eeeeeek!) He asked if we had water damage. I wonder why he thought that?

(The cieling fan is new. We had a long, gold light fixture there. Our whole kitchen was very 1990, which was cool... in 1990.)

Today Adam peeled down the last of the wallpaper. The curtains are sitting in our garage- why, I don't know. They have faded from the deep red/burgandy you can see here to a purple. They were also screwed into the walls and have never been taken down and washed. Ew. Just ew. Even I wash curtains once a year!

We have backsplash tiles sitting on the counters and paint samples on the walls. I have 20 pounds of spackle on my kitchen table and dust everywhere. I give up- at least I have a reason for my kitchen to be a wreck! Think I can get out of cooking dinner?

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