Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Goodness of Humanity

Back in May, we attened the annual March for Babies. As we were getting our shirts, a friend, M, who has a son Georgie's age, told me about a former co-worker of hers. Her co worker had recently had a son at 24 weeks and was then in the NICU where Georgie and her boy were.

24 weeks are at high risk of devloping NEC, a problem with their bowels. It can be fatal.

This baby devloped NEC and had to have surgery. The best thing for his senstive tummy was breastmilk but his mother, like many mother's who had children in the NICU long term, had problems pumping. Her baby really needed the breastmilk so a fellow NICU mom stepped up and donated her milk.

That other NICU mom? Her baby had passed away.

In the middle of some horrible grief, this mom thought of others and willingly gave her milk to Baby M. The breastmilk helped him grow and become strong enough to go home. My friend M is his "back up" donor.

All these women came together to give liquid gold to a baby who really and truly did need breastmilk. How wonderful, how loving.

And the best part? It made the front page of the news this morning!

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