Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome Home Higgins!

None of these are terribly good photos of Higgins, our new 95 pound black lab. He's about four years old and was given a second, third and fourth chance at life from a local resuce group. He was found as a stray. When his owners were located, they declined to take him back in, sighting "lifestyle changes." He stayed with the Animal Control for a few days and the morning he was supposed to offically be turned over to the resuce, they found his kennel covered in blood.
They trotted him to the vet, where they found massive blood clots in his belly. They were so big, they pushed his kidneys out of the way. The vet and the animal resuce people think he might have ingested rat posion. After some tests, they thought the most human thing would be to put him to sleep. However, when the animal control officer went to sign the paperwork, she decided to say good bye to him. He stood up, wagged his tail and she just couldn't do it!
After a few scary days and weeks, Higgins went home with a foster mother who took good care of him. He has a completely clean bill of health and aside from a shaved belly and sides, you would never know he was sick. He's fairly energtic and has found all the loose boards in the fence so he can escape. Adam has already fixed those. He likes stuffed animals and is the sweetest, nicest dog. We're working on nice leash manners so I can take him for a walk with the kids. Right now, he pulls too much and is too strong for me to walk him comfortably.
We didn't tell the kids until 45 minutes before he arrived. Camille was upset for a moment, but was happy once we reassured her she could still love Fancy and a new dog. We told he Fancy is happy for us. Joseph was THRILLED and hugged me and thanked me for a new dog. Georgie just feeds him.
It is so, so wonderful to have a dog in the house again. I'm looking forward to trips to the dog park and the lake once we are all settled!

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