Thursday, May 20, 2010

The End of the Tie... As We Know It

After my Close to Total Nuclear (Pumping) Meltdown, I finally reached a Dr. R. at a local hospital. I took Cami, Georgie and Cole to the dr's office, praying that because the hospital is "St. Joseph's" that that would be a good sign.

Although it is not a peds office, they clearly do alot of peds work. How do I know this? They had, framed on the wall, a mulitude of items they had pulled from ears and noses. I was amused and more than a little grossed out! Bless my children for giving me six years of parenting and not that!

Dr. R had not heard of a Type Four tie. She was VERY detailed and asked alot of questions. She wanted to know the name of the LC I had worked with and wanted to speak to her. I thought she would call the LC later but, no, she called her while we were in the office! The LC was able to give her the quick and dirty of the tie and when R came back intot he room, she took another look and saw the problem.

She was VERY honest with me and wanted to research this type more before agreeing to this surgery. She does alot of tounge tie clippings but not type 4; I felt this was completely reasonable.

Friday I forgot to call the office. Monday, I called and she said Dr. R had looked over the information the LC had sent and was willing to do the surgery. Thursday, Cole and I popped into her office.

We waited a bit since they were behind and when I was called back to the exam room, we waiting some more. I was closing in on panic and could smell the hospital even through my sinus problem. I kept staring out the window and the view was very similar to the one out of the NICU parents' room window. I could see the parking lot, part of the main hospital and it was dreary and raining... and we had alot of dreary, rainy days in the NICU where I stood looking out the window while I scarfed a snack. I kept saying to myself, "This isn't Georgie, this is Cole."

They called us back to numb his tounge. He was NOT thrilled to have a numbing agent put on his tounge and a novacaine shot. He gagged a little then looked at me and fell asleep!

The actual clipping itself took one minute. Two nurses helped hold his head and I held his hands. I refused to look during the clipping (two snips) but I saw the end. As soon as it was done, I picked him up and he stopped crying. I could see and improvement right away. His tounge reached the top of his mouth when he was crying and he could stick his tounge out farther. He did nurse right away and nursed properly in the office. He only took two ounces an hour later, so I know he got something. Right away, he was much neater with the bottle and was quite happy on the couch, sucking his binky for 30 minutes that night. Normally, he would lose it and the cry because he didn't have it and wanted to suck more, so that made us all happy.

Since then, he has tried to nurse and has gotten two sucks in before letting go and crying. I am trying before I pump, after, before bottles, after bottles, with a chiro adjustment, in the middle of the night, during the day, with and without and shield, etc. I am so tired of this but I am keeping going because it hasn't even been a week since we could physically expect him to nurse.

To top it off, he's been fussy and it's been hot; post partum hormones and the heat mean I am sweating like nothing else. I don't know when I will quit pumping but I know the time isn't yet. My supply was very low yesterday, likey due to the heat and the medicine I had to take for a horrible sinus headache. It seems to be back up now but I am not making enough to have him exclusivly breastfed. Jokes on me- by the time we get him to breast, I bet he will be ready for solids!

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