Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well, if that doesn't set me into labor...


As I wrote before, I was up at 2:15 this morning. In addition to using the restroom, I:

*sat on the birthing ball and used every cramp/contraction to visualize my cervix opening and the baby coming out into my arms, all while watching "Property Virgins;"
*got annoyed at the TV for freezing up and wished Adam and I had splurged on some movie channels;
*came downstairs and picked up all the random toys all over the living room;
*re-loaded the dishwasher and wiped the counters;
*ran a load of laundry;
*surfed the net and chatted with my doula, who is early in her pregnancy and couldn't sleep either;
*had a banana and some RRL tea;
*finally, at 5 or so, went to the couch and watched "Cash in the Attic,' mused how much it is like "American Pickers" and dozed.

Adam woke up around 6:30 and I got the kids dressed and off with him and then went to bed until 9:30. I popped in the shower and Joseph and I hung out while Adam, Cami and Georgie grocery shopped. We made the coffee cake for tomorrow, watched "Bindi the Jungle Girl" and "Trading Spaces."

After Adam got home, we went to the shopping center where a local church was sponsering an Easter party. All the stores in the area donated prizes and goods but it was pretty low key. They enjoyed the bounce houses, free hamburgers, popcorn and SMOOTHIES. I inwardly mused that I think I enjoy the solemnity of Holy Week and the Triadum better than parties the day before Easter. I get that there's only so much time to have a church party, which is cool, but it seems so wrong to celebrate the resurrection of Christ when we are in the middle of remembering His passion and death.

(Then again, I totally failed to go to Stations this year and wanted to go to, but miss, Holy Thursday Mass. Two years ago, I went, sat in adoration and prayed for a baby and we found out number 3 was coming. A year later, I took him back to Holy Thursday Mass, sat in adoration and thanked God for my son's life.)

When we got him, Georgie went down for a short nap and the kids and I worked on the compost pile, took care of some braches and Adam mowed. Then I ran after the kids, cleaned up the kitchen and made a dinner that put me in Domestic Goddess status. I made Italian breadcrumbs from scratch, put leftover pasta sauce and cheese on top (chicken) and made zucchinni pancakes.

After bathing two kids, putting one to bed and still needing to get east stuff ready... show me my tub. And bed.

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