Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

(Yes, I am that corny!)

Easter was... Easter. You know, another holiday at my in-laws. I actually slept last night but was up at my normal time. We took pans for the food kitchen and they needed a hot meal. That meant Adam had to get UP, get MOVING and make the food while I tried to feed the kids and they dug into their Easter baskets. In hindsight, we shouldn't have taken the pans because I could have a baby ANY DAY NOW and if I was in labor, no one's getting food from me! Well, expcet the baby.

Anyway, Adam got up slowly and the kids dug into their baskets. I was in a Bad Mood and finally Adam exiled me to the bedroom while he cleaned up and made breakfast. I got showed, dressed and put on a dress, not something I want to do while 38 weeks pregnant and I can't fit into any form of body-slimming devices. My hair looked cute, though.

On the way to Mass, Joseph had a bloody nose but contained most of it in the cup holder in his seat. I am proud of him... and slightly grossed out.

We had to go to the overflow area, the gym, for Mass. Adam took J to the bathroom while I carried G and walekd with C into the gym. Georgie is over 25 pounds and it was super hard to carry him. I felt like I was being beaten into the ground with every step. We found a spot and Mass was actually quiet since there was juuuust enough people for overflow but not enough to fill the gym. I will also admit on-line that my kids were pretty well behaved but I was Not In the Mood to be touched, poked, sat on or deal with pretty much anything. I wanted my cave and I wanted it now. For some reason, none of which had ANYTHING to do with the season, I was near tears at the end of Mass. Adam took the kids home and I changed and crawled into my bed and stayed there.

After Georgie's nap, I drug myself downstairs to make lunch and hung out with the kids outside. We went to my in-laws at 3 and met up with a friend who dropped off a bag of cloth diapers. It was wonderful to see her as she's one of my oldest mommy-friends. All those diapers brought baby warm memories of LLL meetings, hanging out on-line on her forum and chatting about diapers. She taught me to make slings, which I still have, and she used to have her own web store. I was the recipan of nice breast pads and diaper wipes, all of which I still have. :) Warm fuzzies, oh yeah....

Dinner was interesting. The normal ham, lamb, veggies and so on. The kids were hungry, and Georgie was fussy from teething (sorry, the snot was from TEETH not ALLERGIES) so we fed them a bit early. Now, this works fine for the older two who are old enough to eat, sit with the adults for a short time and then get down to play alone while the adults finish. But the 16 month old? When he's done, he's DONE. He wants DOWN and ATTENTION from someone.

Said 16 month old was NOT THRILLED with the two dogs who were hovering around his feet while he was eating (nicely, in the high chair), bothering him. He was whinning and upset and no one would put the dogs outside. Why? Because they would be "just as much trouble" outside since they "don't like to be out alone." You know what? Screw the stupid DOGS. They are bothering my BABY and he is way more imporant than the damn dogs.

(I told Adam privately that if they kept it up, I was going to dump the dogs outside... near the highway....)

When G was done, I took him out to play, thereby not enjoying any adult conversation or such. I did, however, hear people trying to bribe my kids to eat more. I find this funny since a) there were not appietizers so the kids would "eat their dinner" and b) my older two had plently of veggies and meat and I think requiring kids to finish their dinner or bribe them with candy is STUPID. We never have dessert around here, so when we DO, they don't have to finish gobs of food to get a piece of cake!

(You know, I sometimes wonder why DH and I were overweight as kids and struggled with our weight early in our marriage. And why I have Issues with food. And other times....)

I am still Not in the Mood for alot of things. I spent alot of time trying to find a spot alone. I really think if I could get in cave in order and people would leave me the heck alone, I'd have this baby. I understand why animals make a nest and go into seclusion the hours and days before they have a baby. I feel like I am in labor, emotionally, minus the physical parts of contractions. I want it dark, quiet in a small space.

Oh, Easter baskets! The bunny doesn't come to our house because, um, there is no bunny in the death and resurrection of Christ. But who am I to deny my children new toys or the chance for me to shop? ;) They got 3D chalk, bubbles, pool toys and a chocolate bunny each. Growing up, Adam's family got only candy for Easter and we got "stuff" so the in-laws give the kids candy and we do the "stuff."

The only true bummer today was a) no baby and b) my cousin leaving FB. I have one cousin that I truley feel like I connected too because he has 3 small(ish) children and seems to think somewhat like I do. Loved the literature quotes... oh, well. As long as he keeps in touch, I don't mind!

Now, I want my baby....

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