Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy sixth birthday Joseph!

Joseph had a pretty decent day. I would have loved to have made it "more" but I had a fussy baby and sick toddler.

Adam stayed up late last night and made cookies for his class. He got his presents at lunch today- a Nerf gun and a two wheel scooter- so he could play this afternoon. He tried to "shoot" the home health nurse when she came in. Nice. Aim a toy gun at a mandated reporter!

Camille: What's that?
Joseph: a NERF GUN!
C: What's it for?

Adam brought him McDonald's for lunch. Apparently, the kid is onto us. He told me he wanted me to get the food since I buy the Happy Meals and Daddy doesn't. Lol. Daddy did buy the Happy Meal, which he was thrilled with.

Sadly, Georgie is pretty sick. We weasled him into the dr's today and not only is he teething, he has an ear infection and a fever. Poor guy only wanted to be held by Daddy. J and Adam were supposed to go to the meeting together but Adam stayed home to take care of Georgie so I could focus on Camille and Cole. Joe was pretty upset but handled it well. I think he's looking forward to his small family party this weekend... with cake!

(He did get a SpongeBob ice cream pop from Wal Mart for treat, so he wasn't totally deprived!)

Happy birthday to our sweet little boy who is still mostly sweet but not so little now!

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