Saturday, April 10, 2010

First day home

We all survived. Cole woke me around four am to eat, eat, eat and then play. He was quite happy to look around and be social around 6 am. The older kids came in and asked to hold him, which I said no too because he was eating again and going to sleep. In fact, we both passed out around 7 as Adam was showering and getting the kids out of the house.

We slept until 9:30 or ten when they got back from running errands. All of them held the baby, even Georgie! It was so cute! He would hold him, hug him and then hand him back. Even Adam melted.

I got a shower in and then watched Camille and Georgie and fed them lunch while Cole napped and Adam took Joseph to taekwondo. Adrienne came over and helped get G down for a nap as our home health nurse visited.

Although my milk is coming in and Cole is having LOTS of poopy diapers, they are still mec filled. (I used the term "watery chocolate pudding" and she laughed.) He's down another half an ounce, 6 pounds, 6 ounces. She could hear him swallowing accross the room. WHEN he eats, he eats well. He's just a giant pain to wake up and keep awake. I think he might be getting enough at one breast since when I give him a supplement of my milk, he spits it out. I know 10 per cent isn't bad at all, but none of us want to go down the same road we went with Georgie. Sooooo... we push the supplements. (It's all my milk; I can get about one ounce per side with the hand pump. I might rent one of he doesn't perk up soon.)

Speaking of pumping, I had a long visit with the LC at the hospital. I am now the proud owner to the horns and tubing for THREE double pumping kits. It's funny if you think about it. I feel like I should pump and donate just to use all the tubing!

The kids are doing well. Camille is having the hardest time, I think. She's just acting out a bit more and always wants to be in the baby's face, hugging and holding him. Georgie is a bit the same way. I know they could act out at any time so I'm taking the "over love" while it lasts!

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