Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whole lotta nuttin' :)

That's right, there's a whole lot of NOTHING going on with my cervix! I've seen parts of my mucus plug 3 times now but my cervix is still far back and not thinning out much. I've had light, not painful (for the most part) but very annoying contractions since Saturday. They've spaced even farther out now, which is good. I'm almost two WEEKS beyond where I had Georgie which is awesome for our new little boy!

We're just hanging out. I am completely in "cave mode" and want to stay at home. Actually, I want my cave to be clean and quiet but those are rarely happening. I've not been in the mood to cook much and I'm pretty tired. Tuesday and Wends every.single.thing was annoying me and then I got adjusted and feel soooo much better. I am still tired- I slept through my "swim alarm" both days this week!

Georgie is acting more like a toddler and less like a baby. He still LOOKS like a baby, with four teeth and no hair but, well, he's wearing 3T shorts (and 12-24 month shirts, go figure). We mean it when we lovingly say he's a bit of a freak for this family. I think he's getting ready to be a big brother, as he's loving on his stuffed animals and baby doll.

Speaking of stuffed animals, the older two saved up for pillow pets. Joseph got a dolphin and Camille got a ladybug. G kept taking the lady bug from Cami and pitching a fit when I gave it back to her. I called Adam one morning over spring break and told him I had broken up 8 fights over the pillow pet and it wasn't even 9 am! He didn't believe me until that weekend when he saw first hand G's lust for that pillow pet. He went out and got G his own. Heh.

Spring is hopefully spring-ing... let's see how long this nicer weather lasts!

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