Sunday, March 21, 2010

Argh! Some people!

Any idiot with three brains cells to rub together knows Adam and I got married "young" much to the dismay of our parents. Because, you know, I was supposed to be a famous writer and he was supposed to be the single dork with a dirty apartment who worked on Corvette engines. So, we threw our lives away. Right?


Then we have babies, which I have ALWAYS wanted, and settle into life in the suburbs. And we have more babies... close together. And we end up having more babies than anyone else in our families except for my grandmother, who had 5. (Two o f them were 12 months apart and yet she survived.)

We have a super nice house, live within our means, never ask for money, occasionally ask for baby sitting help and no one is starving. My house is clean and the kids are well educated.

Yet CERTAIN PEOPLE keep sticking their noses into our family planning busniess.

You know what? College is over ten years away. It does not cost millions of dollars up front to raise our children. Considering we spend around 110/week on groceries, tolierie and eating out COMBINED, I think we are doing just fine in the money department, thankyouverymuch.

I'm going to need alot of physical help when this baby comes and I am so thankful for my friends who will come over and just sit with me while their kids play with mine. It hurts that I can't trust family to cheerfully show up with a smile and willingness to help. But you know what? The older we get the more we realize that our famil of CHOICE is so much more important than our family of origin!

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