Thursday, March 11, 2010

FancyGirl died this morning.

She was old (14) and in overall good health aside from some hips problems. This past week we noticed she wasn't as active so we chalked it up to needing another cortizone injection for her hips. We took her to a new vet yesertday (we moved and decided we didn't want to drive 30 minutes to the old vet who never lit any fires under me, kwim?) and the vet felt a mass in her belly. She said if Fancy didn't perk up in the next day or so to come in and do x-rays.

This morning, I noticed her retracting and wheezing when she was breathing. I called DH to come home and take her to the vet, that we needed to know today what the mass was. When they did x-rays, they found a large mass, plus an enlarged heart and more masses in her lungs. We think there were more that we couldn't see. She also had blood in her urine this morning so I really think her body was beginning to shut down. She was calm but clearly not feeling well.

Last Oct, we prayed that she would either make the choice or that the choice would be clear. It was pretty clear today and we hated, hated, hated having them do it but I think she was ready to go. Thankfully, the office staff was wonderful, accomadating (they did it in the exam room and let us leave through the back door) and you know they love animals when the people you've only met twice cry with you. :*/

My MIL came over to watch the kids on short notice and helped clean up the backyard so DH wouldn't have to do it. A friend stayed with me when I was waiting for DH to call. It hasn't hit the kids yet.
I knew something was going on last week. I was in the shower and had the overwhelming feeling that someone wanted to "go." We have 3 elderly grandparents, so I thought them but as soon as I walked downstairs, I knew it was Fancy. At first, we were glad she was not going upstairs as going up and down the stairs was hard on her. She had cateracts and bad hips, so it was hard to move and see.

This morning... when I saw her retract and wheeze when breathing.... I pretty much knew she wasn't coming home. I always thought I would never be able to be in the room but Adam was so upset I stayed with them. It was very nice and we knew she wanted to "go" but, damn, I'd drink if I could.

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