Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheesie at 33 weeks

I had my u/s Tuesday. Joseph had been asking some hard questions about "when will the baby be healthy enough to be born AND come home with you?" Coupled with that and the fact that my science minded kid could NOT get his head around the way an u/s works, I let him go to school late and join me.

Cheesie is head down! She knew right away but still spent a good 30 minutes measuring and showing me different part. WOW has he grow since 20 weeks! I could see his long toes and I swear he has Georgie's chin. We even saw him suck his fingers. The tech looked for hair but didn't see any. I have baldies so I didn't care.

I made her check to see if he was still a boy. I had this totally irrational fear that he would be a she. TOTALLY stupid since I honestly don't care if we have boys or girls! But he is a he and WOW did his boy parts look HUGE on the screen!

Here's our sweet little Cheesie. I think Cadbury Peep is a good name, no?

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