Saturday, February 20, 2010

So much for being tough, buff and sex-ay!

I've been swimming two mornings a week with a master's program. I have to drag my oversized butt out of bed super early but I get a shower alone AND Adam makes me a yummy protien filled b'fast in the morning. Rock on.

The coach was teaching a couple lanes how to do flip turns. Normally, I don't do them when preg because it feels like the baby was coming out of my nose! However, I felt all peppy and onery and tried one. And I could do it! Woohoo!

My times are improving too, which is odd because I have NO rotation in my hips. My chiro notices this too. While I can turn my head fine, she can't. Apparently, there is something going on with my head/spine/pelvis; I have a protective mechinaism going to keep my hips from getting too loose. Since I am 32 week today and considering what I've been through, this makes perfect sense. I just hope they loosen up sometimes after 35 weeks!

ANYWAY, the no rotation thing makes it harder to swim but I must be doing very well since my interval times are dropping. I'm a little more toned in my arms. It's harder to swim (but not that bad) and impossible to kick.

I was totally feeling all sexy and buff and like hot stuff Thursday... then Friday I went to put on my fave pair of pants. They would not button. I put the elastic on the loosest setting. No dice. They FIT but wouldn't button. Adam tried to tell me to "suck it in" but this kid doesn't suck in! I am now down to two pairs of pants. I think I need a new pair. I suppose I can't complain since those were a maternity size 8 and I can wear them post partum without screaming, "I'm still in maternity clothes!!!!" But, yeah, so much for feeling tough, buff and sex-ay! ;)

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