Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giant Ash Wends FAIL

Since 2004 there has only been one Lent where I have had to fast/abstain from meat. (2008) I do give up meat, because it's not a hardship for me or the baby (and I like trying new healthy veggie recipes beyond mac and cheese and cheese pizza which, um, defeats the penace purpose, I think! :)) On fasting days, I try and be more mindful of what I eat, when I eat and try to make healthy choices.

Today on the way to dance class, I drove through Starbucks. I already had my drink in hand when I realized that we didn't need to spend the money AND it would have been a small sacrfice to not get the drink.

At Target for lunch, I thought, "I don't want a sprite- I think I will treat myself to a Coke!" and poured the drink and sat down. Of course, this was AFTER I had just picked all the chicken out of my salad to give to the toddler!

I'm reminded of the Lent where I sat at a coach's meeting, chatting about how glad I was it was Friday, what our Easter plans were, how yummy the catering was... and realized *the next day* that I had been chowing down on a turkey sandwhich!

I think for Lent I've given up my BRAIN. :)

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