Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saving money

Adrienne and Gary recently brought new living room funiture. It looks great, honestly. Because of this, they had a coupon to La-Z-Boy Galleries for 50 dollars, good only for two days. Because they need nothing (their words) and they are out of town, they gave it to us to see if we could use it.

Honestly, we need nothing. Okay, we need dining room funiture... after the summer, when Adam repaintes. We maybe need another lampr for the playroom. I'd love a love seat for the living room but that is impractical right now. Pictures... I prefer to decoratein family photos. But for 50 free dollars? Worth a look-see.

We went their this afternoon with two kids full of donuts and one very tired Georgie. He slept through the majority of the trip and we went in search of any item around 50 dollars to spend the least amount of money out of pocket.

I found a dining room table I like and got some ideas for a china cabniet. I like basic things, I think, and love the black/white/red color sceme with other accent colors. We didn't find a lamp;all were about 300 dollars and not ones I want in a playroom. We looked at decor for the house, specfically for things on the mantle. Our mantle is over six feet long and the space between that and the cieling is about four feet. (Totally guessing.) We have a Holy Family statue there now and several frames but nothing on the wall. We didn't find anything we liked but ended up with three thick candle sticks/stands. They were steeply discounted and had a discount off that price. With our 50 dollar coupon, we paid 20 dollars out of pocket! I need to buy candles for them and we are moving them around to decide how to arrange them (they have wide bases and our mantle is narrow) but they look great!

(I love knowing what I like and don't like. Adam and I tend to way overthink purchases but we hate spendng money and having buyers remorse. Plus, I spent alot of time over the year decluttering and the last thing I want or need is MORE clutter. I am not a knick-knacks person; I like Nativities and people can always add to our manger scene but anything I have to DUST... ACK!)

We found Camille totally has a future is sales. She loved talking to the sale people about their job and "helping" them. I don't think they were too thrilled, though!

Yesterday was a good day too. On Friday or Saturday I did the grocery shopping for the upcoming week and a) remembered why I have Adam do it and B) spent only 60 dollars for the week! This was with impluse buys too, like the SteamFresh veggies on sale for 99 cents, some sippy cups for Georgie and Nuvia at Aldi's. (A type of natural sweetner.) We're eating well this week too, so I'm not skimping on quality or quanity. I just hit the sales at the right time!

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