Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy- Cami date night

I had a little date night with Camille last night. Adam and Joe went to an Adventure Guides event in Parkville and we were alone. I had made a nice lunch so I didn't want to cook. I was totally craving chocolate cake and didn't want to bake since the dishwasher is STILL out of commission, so we went to Cheesecake Factory.

(Yes, alone, preg, with two children on a Saturday night. Hey, no one said sanity was my strong point!)

We only waited 25 minutes and, at the end, someone offered me their seat. It was so sweet. I was getting a little annoyed- it was clear I am preg and does a healthy 10 year old really need to sit to play his video game? Really? I keep trying to tell myself that maybe they have a health condition you can't see... but, yeah, that only works so much.

I know the waiter was all excited to see the preg woman, thinking I would order tons and leave a big tip... well, I did leave a nice tip. We ordered the sliders and a side of fries then the Godiva cheesecake! She was so excied for the cake she did a little song and dance routine in the booth! Lol. We were sitting near alot of young couples on date night and you know we scared them. (This too will be you after nearly 8 years of marriage.... bwahahaha!) When we were finished, I asked the waiter to pack it up and she nearly went with him to make sure her cake was fine! (Can you tell she was waaaay tired?!)

I'm taking Joe out next... maybe mini golf? We'll have to see!

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