Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Princess is Four!

Four! When did this happen? Four! Such a big girl number, so much older than three and ready for kindy next year. This is the first, last and only time we will have a four year old princess in our house and we are savoring every minute.

She's wonderful, smart, maturing and strong willed and we wouldn't have it any other way. She can write her name, fold laundry, clean up toys, swim and dance with abandon. She thin but strong; I see her growing into a small, leggy young woman with big blue eyes that will bring some lucky young man to his kness.

She surprises us sometimes with what she understands about faith and religion. I think she will be a strong, faith filled woman- at least, that is our prayer for her. I think what ever job she picks will need a blance of compassion, thinking on her feet and adreniline- something that will make us so proud AND sent us over to church to light every candle in a prayer for her safety!

I wanted a daughter. I would have been happy with another son and, indeed, I can see now how three boys will be a perfect fit for our family. Yes, I would have also looked towards the pink side of the store but my friends have girls and my cousin has daughters and I would have indugled them. I will admit that I wanted a daughter for all the materialistic reasons: pink clothes, dresses, hairbows, American Girl dolls and someone to do my nails with.

I also wanted to name a little girl for my gradmother and she is. Camille Julia is named for Helen Julia. Camille was inspired by a character in a Bond movie so there she is: named for a Bond movie and my grandmother and for those of you that know or knew both, that sums up Cami!

Camille fills all the materialitic reasons for a little girl and, most importantly, all the deep, soul searching, wonderful reasons for wanting another child. She made Joseph a brother and made us a cozy family of four.

It's been wonderful to reflect on her birth story with her as we prepare for the birth of another baby. As I tell her about the day she was born, how Grams was here and we had popcorn and watched TV while I was (unknowingly) in early labor, I am aware the how and what I say will shape her view of pregnancy and childbirth. My mother taught me that it is normal, natural and nothing to be afraid of; I want that gift for her too.

And her birth story is so HER. Labor kept starting and stopping until I finally went and went with a vegence. Contractions were five minutes apart from the get go and once she was turned into the proper position, she was OUT. That's Camille- she will dawdle and drag her feet until SHE makes up her mind to do something and then WATCH OUT!

Happy birthday, Princess. We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I can't believe she's 4. I remember going w/Beth to see her in the hospital. She sounds so much like Emma!