Saturday, January 30, 2010

Camille's birthday week

We started off Wends by hearing, "Today is my birthday!" Yes, it is!

I made a cute little pink ballerina backpack to carry her dance clothes in. For someone who has never machine quilted beyond "stitch in the ditch" I was SO PLEASED with how the free hand quilting came out! It looks cute and she likes it.

Anyway, she got that first thing so she could use it for dance and, after dropping Joe off, I treated her to a smoothie at Starbucks. (She likes the one at the mall better.) We went out for lunch at CiCi's and I (mentally) got all nastologic about how I used to take them there for lunch and we had plently of time- no school, no swim lessons, nothing to worry about. Part of me missed that but part of me also realizes that I will have that "back" when Georgie and Cheesie are together. And, then, part of me DOESN'T want that back, as I AM looking forward to being the MotherofFour! and all the big kid stuff too.

After swim lessons and Olivia the Pig on TV, we had chocolate fondue for dinner with lots of sugary dipping solutions. Yum!

Thursday we took a cookie cake to school and she was the Star of the Day and showed everyone her "all about me" poster. It's at home- she wouldn't leave it at school! (Side note: Camille did 99 percent of the work on her poster and it looks like it. i found the pictures, read her the information and wrote some of the words on it. It was fairly clear on some of the other posters that the mothers/fathers really helped out. Alot. Ahem.)

Friday we had her party. I was in a grumpy mood and dreading it. I mean, me and 14 kids, possibly by myself? Plus, I had had a headache all week that lead to Adam picking up from kindy and dropping Camille off at school. I was tired and worn out.

It went SO AWESOME though, in spite of the Stupid Front Desk People. 30-45 minutes in the play room was just thr right amount of time. They colored on the paper on the tables, had cupcakes and she opened presents. There was much screaming over the Littlest Pet Shop and Polly Pockets... I think we have entered THAT stage, lol. They all played hard and then we went home for a (reheated) dinner of lasgana. She was too excited to eat much and played with the LPS all night. She slept hard core, not waking up to her brothers running around this morning!

Ah, four. :) She's an awesome kid.

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