Sunday, July 6, 2014

Snap, crackle, pop!

The kids, Adam and I spent the Fourth at my parents' house, attending my sister's baby shower, smell the new baby, playing with the nephews and stuffing ourselves with ribs. I held the new baby, read tons of books to two year old Moose, entertained him with crazy cats videos (look for the Pallas cat video- hours of entertainment in a 47 second clip!), smelled the baby, hung out with Zee, smelled the baby and did I mention there was a baby to smell?

My newest nephew loves me. He proved this when he pooped all over me. When I changed him and borrowed a shirt from my mom, he promptly puked on it. Thanks, Rainbow.

The baby shower went great. We held it at a frozen yogurt shop and the owners were super nice. They only charged us for the yogurt and not the room. It was quiet and we got to chat as much as we wanted. And smell the baby, of course!

Because we are proud Americans, we blew stuff up! My brother in law set of sparklers and stuff in the driveway, including chicken who, according to Joe, pooped atomic eggs.

Joe went with friends to their land to set off rockets and hike. He was gone all afternoon and got home at ten at night. We shoved him in the shower before feeding him a huge bowl of pasta with Nono's meat sauce. He was exhausted and happy!

Now we are home and everyone is tired, crabby, full of sugar and exhausted. I'm planning on laying low this week before all sorts of fun begins in WI!

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