Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's scary when things (might) work out

I'm a pessimist by nature and an optimist by choice. It's my natural inclination to be careful, cautious and expect the worst. Over time, I've really worked to change my attitude and become more optimistic. I would say I am a realistic optimist. I know not everything can or will be all sunshine and roses but that doesn't mean I can't hope for that.

It's been hard to be cheerful and optimistic these past few years, especially this past year when it seems like every time we turned around, my family was getting smacked over the head with hard-core trouble: money, more therapy needs, death, illness, death, stress, and stress. It was hard. And I wondered if anything was going to turn out okay.

About a month ago, I heard that we might have the CGS program at our parish.  Since that phone call with our Church Lady, I've been waiting to hear if they found the space for it. Today, I stopped and talked to the DRE. She asked after George and I said, "So far, so good!" She was so pleased that VBS has been a success for him so far. (Shhhh.... don't say it too loud!) I know she had been worried about George beginning CCD this fall, so I told her my plan: a friend and I are going to co-teach the kindergarten CCD class. She said she is happy to help if she doesn't have to do the lesson plans. I said I will do the lesson plans and she went, "Awesome!" Boom. CCD taken care of for BOTH our kids.

Of course, the DRE was thrilled and then I said, "Unless, of course, CGS is a go. Then I would like George and his friend in that program, with me." She nodded. "How is that coming along? Do we have the space for it?"

We have the space.

It took me a moment to realize that things (maybe) coming together. We (hopefully) have the space for the program I adore and that I know will benefit the parish. There's a plan to help George be successful in
CCD, even if CGS doesn't work out. I feel like my friend and I are becoming a team to help out children live and grow and love the faith. I am slowly, carefully, optimistic that this will work out, that not only are we making headway in the parish (when it comes to accepting and accommodating children with special needs) but within the faith as well.

But I never should have doubted, of course. I should have known things would work out. I should have know our little intercessor was at work. After all, I found a ladybug.

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