Friday, April 18, 2014

Quick Takes Friday

1. Why is it that I can think of Quick Takes all week long but when Friday, or Thursday night, comes, I have a brain cramp?

2. Remember how I said that April 13th is a lucky day in our family? Well, ten minutes before I left for Mass on Sunday my sister called to tell me that her best friend had a baby girl... on April 13th. What are the odds? All the babies came on their own- no inductions or c/s. One was 15 weeks early and one was two weeks late. Joseph was even a smidgen early at 37 weeks but he was the only one due in April. Even the April 13th wedding wasn't planned- they eloped!

3. God seems to be in the process of answering a huge prayer. On Monday, I learned that the Catechsis of the Good Shepard program might be coming to our parish. I will blog more about it but I was blown away when I talked to the director. Blown. Away.

4. Sunday, our community was hit with a terrible tragedy. There was a shooting at our local Jewish Community Center. A teenager who attends the high school close to us was killed. In the days that have followed, I have been so impressed with our community- the schools, the staff, the young people. My kids are growing up surrounded by some wonderful people.

5. And, yes, those are spoilers for the next week!

6. I didn't make it to Holy Thursday Mass. Adam was gone and got home right as Mass was beginning. Even though my mom was here, I was exhausted and fell asleep early. I feel bad for Adam but his travel schedule is hard on me too!

7.  In super awesome news, Camille's reading is really picking up. I hope to have another reader on my hands this summer!

You know the drill- head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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