Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Surf

The best of the previous week to start your new week off right!

  • Our House of Pink wrote an entry titled "Dear Mom of the ADHD Child." Although my ADD kid has the least problems, this sounds an awful lot like my house. It's messy, cluttered and filled with Mommy guilt- but lots of love and we are doing our best!
  • Recently, I've been told to get over the NICU. As Kathryn from Team Whitaker writes, you don't really get over it. It changes, it evolves and if you have these feelings, you are certainly not alone.
  • It really steams me up when people say, "God has really blessed me with . . . " and list something like, "healthy, normal children" or "a great year in business" or "money." Phrases like "I prayed for xyz and it happened" or "I sacrificed and prayed and you'll never guess the blessing I received!" It  makes those of us who a) don't have those things or b) prayed and sacrificed for those things and got the opposite feel like we are un-blessed and that God doesn't hear our prayers. The thing is, God does hear our prayers and sometimes we don't get what we want because ... God has other plans. Read "The  one thing Christians should stop saying" for more thoughts on "God blessed me."
  • This math teacher may have surprised his students but he made me cry happy tears. Underneth that crusty exterior is a softie!
  • Five babies in less than a year. WHOA!

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