Monday, March 10, 2014

Overheard: I hate it and cracks in the wall

The other day we were in the toy section of Target, which is near the electronics section. An ad for The Jungle Book came on the TV and Cole stood transfixed as bears danced on the screen.

Of course my mind went to "easter or birthday gift!" and I said, "Cole, do you think you would like to see that movie?"


"No? Are you sure? It's a fun movie."

No. It stupid. I hate it."

Nice kid. Then why are you watching it like it is the best thing since sliced bread?


I have a Dyson vacuum that has a super long telescoping handle. It's great because I can reach to vacuum most corners of the ceiling. Camille came in to watch me and huffed, "Really, Mom?"

"Yes, really," I said.

She huffed again and then pointed to a crack in the wall. "There's a crack in the wall."

I looked at her and grinned. "Are you sure that's just a crack?"

"Very funny."

Amelia Pond and the Doctor
 Yeah... Camille kinda looked like that.

The priest said, "Jesus doesn't want you to worry! Be happy!"

The History Channel: God consistently calls the least of us to do the biggest things.

Me: That Holy Spirit clue by four really hurt. I wish He would be more gentle.
Adam: You're too dense. He needs to hit you hard!

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