Thursday, February 20, 2014


I once joked that when all the children finally began sleeping through the night, I would be going through menopause or they would be dating... and I never would get any sleep anyway!

I was so right.

Not about the menopause or dating thing but about the sleep. I was hoping that now that the little boys are older (three and a half and five) they would begin sleeping through the night. But no. They are up several times a night and climb into bed with us. I don't mind the waking to some degree because they are mostly night trained and wake up to use the potty. Except...

Cole then turns on all the lights, thinking it is morning and tries to play.

He then climbs in bed with us and tosses and turns like an agitated crocodile until he falls asleep again.

George joins us.

They both hog the bed.

Cole has had a nasty cough and was up frequently. I spent several nights sleeping with him upright in the recliner.

All this, coupled with them falling asleep and power napping at 3 pm, not wanting to go to bed at a normal time, makes for one tired mama!

Yawn. Where's the coffee?

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