Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Snowy Days

1. We've had a rough few weeks with some of our kids. Really rough. The kind of rough that left my anxiety on edge and me wondering how I had failed at life or parenting or whatnot to have this happen to me or the children. I really felt like I had done nothing right.

Today two different people told me how nice and polite and helpful my children are. One was my sons TKD teacher, who praised George for helping his little brother. She then praised Cole for all the hard work and effort he is putting into TKD. Our eye doctor told me Camille was polite, kind and did everything she asked her.

I know there are differing opinion about praising children or parenting but if you see a kid doing something kind or behaving really well, tell them. Tell the parents. You never know what kind of a pick me up that might be to them.

2. Speaking of my eye doctor, they have this cool new machine that scans your eyeball and takes a picture of it. The doctor can then look at the picture and check my eye for any degeneration or detachment. (I am so nearsighted it's silly. I couldn't read a book if it was literally held in front of me.)

This means that, barring any medically indicated problems, I no longer have to have my eye dilated! This makes me so happy!  No big ugly paper sunglasses! No double vision! No headaches from the sun! YAY@

3. We had three snow days off from school. One or two of those days were because it was too dangerous to drive, either due to the roads or the active snowing/blowing of snow. The other was because it was too cold.

My kids were out in the yard playing in the snow when it was too cold for them to walk from my heated car to the heated school. Due to the demographics of the area, most kids do not wait at a bus stop. I am not allowed to get started on the "too cold" nonsense or my BP will rise.

4. With three days off, my kids did alot of crafting. Cami got started on a project for school. They all made Valentine's boxes and we watched alot of movies.

5. I drank a whole lotta wine too. Kidding! We had a fairly relaxed few days. When the highways were clear, we went to the mall and were some of the few people there. Stores were even closed! I also took the kids to McDonald's where they played their hearts out.

6. Camille and Adam are going to their first Daddy-Daughter Dance this weekend! I am so excited for them!

7. Hopefully we will be back on track and in school next week! I have no big plans for Valentine's Day. I should get on that, right?

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