Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: River Song, Baby Wearing and the Rainforest

1. I'm over at Natural Parents Network today, talking about saying good-bye to my baby wearing years. My Ergo has sat neglected in my closet for too long and it is time for my cousin and her daughter to enjoy it. Read about my emotions in Saying Good-Bye to Baby Wearing. 

2.I realized yesterday that Ash Wednesday is coming up, um, soon. I have lots of thoughts on that, which you can read about tomorrow. I'd tell you more but in the wise words of River Song:
3.  Did I just win Quick Takes Friday with that meme? Because I think I did!

4. Cole starts speech next week with out private SLP. We get a ten percent discount because we have two kids going there. Wheeee! As a result of this increased bill, I am sitting here, surrounded by grant application paperwork. A small rainforest has died to find my boys a voice.

5.  But maybe if they find their voice, they can use it to SAVE the rainforest! Will that make it okay, then?

6. This weekend has been dubbed "birthday party weekend" at our house. Cole was invited to his first friend birthday! Camille has a party to go to also. They are so excited! Joe isn't left out, though, as he is going to one in two weeks and George had a party to go to last week. We don't mind, as we are so happy our children have friends who want them to come to celebrate their special days.

7. The little boys have been walking around the house with swords down the backs of their shirts. They tell me they are Power Rangers and refuse to go anywhere without their toy swords. I'm not sure what bad guys were going to show up at their sister's school performance but, if there were, they were prepared!.


  1. Yes, you won 7QT with that meme :) River Song is the reason I clicked on your link :) Great to meet a fellow Whovian :)

    1. Welcome! I figured her "sssshhhh Spoilers!" was a good one for that post. We love Doctor Who around here although, sadly, my three year old's favorite characters are the Daleks. It's pretty funny to here him say, "Exterminate!"

  2. My inability to give up baby wearing is one of the reasons I foster parent ;) Though it is dang hard to fit my current boy into a MT... I know this because I try!!