Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My daughter Camille is in second grade and as every second grade Catholic child knows, this means one thing: it's her First Communion year! All year in religious ed, Camille has been studying, learning and preparing for her First Holy Communion and her First Reconciliation. She received her FR in December and, from what Adam tells me, she did a wonderful job. (He watched her from outside the Confessional; he could see but not hear her.) In May, she will receive her FHC.

As part of the sacrament prep, parents are required to attend two meetings: one for FR and the other for FHC. At each meeting, we get information about what to expect, tips and tricks to help prepare our child at home, information on Mass time and retreats. Father usually gives a little chat about the sacraments. They are short, to the point and generally worth my time. I have zero complaints about these meetings. Except....

I could make the last one.

We had two times for FHC parent meetings. We had an emergency and I couldn't make them. I asked our DRE for the information and she said that Father was offering a make up meeting. Fair enough. However, that make up meeting was when Adam was out of town!

I e-mailed several people in charge, as I wasn't sure who to talk to, and explained the situation. I pointed out that my kids have excellent CCD attendance, we attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days and take the children to Reconciliation frequently. I mean, it's not like I am some Joe-smo off the streets who doesn't care and only makes her kids attend during sacrament years. Stuff happened and I couldn't make the meetings.

Oh no. Father wants a private meeting with all the parents who missed the parent meetings.

Head, meet desk.

To some degree, I get it. I do. He wants to make sure the parents are prepared, active and take their children's faith formation seriously. No problem. But when a parishioner you know emails you personally and explains the situation... why can't you have the packet waiting at the front desk? Why the hoops? Seriously, some flexibility here... and why does this one happy thing have to  be so difficult?!

I did include in my e-mail that if they wish to withhold the sacrament based on me being unable to attend a parent meeting, to let me know so I can have her receive elsewhere. No, that is not an idle threat. I do have friends who teacher FHC prep to kids through the CGS program and would be happy to take Camille. While she wants to receive with her class and friends, and I want her to have that experience, receiving the sacrament is more important than pomp and bling.

Sigh. I'll keep the blog-o-sphere updated with that happens but until then, just keep your fingers crossed that I get some answers... and the packet of information!

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  1. Wow, Laura, that is some story. In my church I never see most parents of the childeren who did first communion with my son. Not that that is an ideal situation... I am sure that they are just following some policy and that they will give your daughter First Communion once you have explained the situation. Don't give up just jet! God bless you all.