Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Well, that's a start!

It's been a crazy start to 2014 but a GOOD crazy start!

Last night, the phone rang as I was putting Cole to bed. Adam answered and it was Thirty-One, the direct sales company I work for. I've been promoted to Senior Consultant! That means that I have several people below me, they've all qualified (sold a certain amount) and are active. I still have to sell x amount of product in a certain time period but I get overrides. Go me! Go my team!

Cole and George are refusing haircuts. REFUSING. Nothing will convince them to let me trim it, including, "If you don't cut your hair, we will have to wash it more often and put gel in it." Nope. The other day, Cole's curls were looking especially adorable and he was being onery. We've decided that his hair is like Samson's: it's his adorableness and keep us from selling him to the zoo!

I finally got my watch fixed. FINALLY. After a year. Not complaining; I love it!

Camille's 8th birthday is coming up. Eight. Holy moly, she's getting big! The "loose tooth" thing has slowed down and she now has more teeth IN her head than OUT. Her hair is getting long and her sense of style is... Camille. We're planning her birthday party this weekend. She wants a snowman themed party and I spill all the details shortly!

My oldest has been giving us grief about homework lately. His teacher and I are working with him on it. I don't think he realizes that life would be so much simpler if he just did his work in school!

I went to the post office before Christmas and have been dragging my feet about going back ever since then. Mailing packages is my least favorite activity ever! I think all post offices are located in the most inconvenient spots and strive to have the worst parking. They have less employees manning the desk than Wal-Mart during the post-school rush. It's so frustrating!

The kids have only missed one day of school this week. My friends a few hours away haven't had school at all this week! I imagine they are going insane!

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