Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Sin and Sinfully delicious!

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

1. The big news! Miss Camille received her first reconciliation last night! Adam took her and said she walked right in and was in for quite a long time. I'm sure she was confessing her sins and chatting the priest's ear off. When Adam told me she had Father Youngin' I was really pleased. He is very kind and understanding and great with the kids. Joseph also had a great priest that he got along well with for his first confession. I am so glad they both had positive experiences for their first confessions. I think it really sets the stage for the future.

2. Adam had to take George with him into the Confessional. I am not sure if he got MORE prayers to say as penance or if Father Youngin' was all, "Hey, you're cool. I get it. FORGIVEN."

3. Speaking of George, we got the result of his allergy testing. No celiac, than GOD, but he's allergic to wheat, eggs and cow's milk.

4, Um, yay. I just packed up a bunch of food to give to our neighbor. I'm trying to take it one step, one meal at a time. I think we're going to be eating more meat, which makes Adam happy. I'm not thinking about how cinnamon rolls and cookies are going to be harder to make during prime cookie season.

5, George seems to be taking the news okay. We told him that not eating these foods will help his tummy feel better. He seems motivated by that. I guess his tummy was hurting more than we thought.

6. As for me, I feel like Job. Is my name Job? Is this JobMommy? At this point, I feel like life is just punching me. I want to stand out in the back yard and scream, "YOU WANT A PIECE OF THIS?!" to the heavens. Is this all, "It could be worse!" or "Yay, goodness will come out of this!" No. But it is honest. Real. And please life, stop throwing crap at us!

7. One more thing... and you'll hear more about the allergy stuff this coming week.


  1. my 2yr old took it really well when we first went GF/DF. he very much understood us when we explained the tummy ache. my son has severe reactions to whey, bakers yeast, bell peppers, peppermint, sage, and thyme. moderate to casein, gluten, and many others. we tried the IgE (RAST) test first, nothing came back. tried the IgG test next (ALCAT) and that's when we got the above info. next week we're trying the IgA (ELISA) and now working with a functional med Dr to help walk us through how to heal his system. it's been a tough almost 2 years trying to figure this stuff out. we've had such little help from our peds, lots of judgement from family on the dietary things we're trying. but i know it's worth it. my son's stomach is no longer distended, he is sleeping 12hrs+ a night, not as many meltdowns, etc. no more eczema and chicken skin. but we still have a ways to go to get him healed. positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family as you navigate this challenge. i cried/cry sometimes, but i know it's worth it.

    1. Good info on the testing, thank you! I am so overwhelmed right now but am thankful for friends who have walked this path and are helping me along it!

  2. Tell George that he's not alone... I'm allergic to those and corn, zucchini, yellow squash, several types of beans and nuts, pineapple and papaya. I found this recipe post for egg allergies and it cheered me up: You'll all get through this!

    1. Thank you! I am finding egg particularly hard because it is in so many whole foods recipes!