Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Overheard: My family is insane

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I've had alot of reviews going on recently. If you haven't checked them out or entered, GO. DO. SO. NOW. They are awesome.

Although we've been busy reviewing products, like has still plugged along. Halloween was awesome. Joe and Cami (Steve from Minecraft and a cheerleader) brought home a huge haul of candy. While George and Cole (Power Ranger and Monster Truck driver) still can only do a few blocks before pooping out, those two went all over the neighborhood! We live in a small area- but it's not so small when you are stopping at every house!

The Herd (and my husband) have been great for random quotes this past week:

The other night, Adam and I were in bed watching TV:

ME: Oooohhhh, go to the history channel! "10 things you never knew about presidential assassinations!"
Adam: You are the weirdest wife.
Me: Hey, I'm not the one who married me! Come on, would you rather watch that or House Hunters?
Adam: You can stop blaming Joseph's interest in history on your father, you know. 

One Sunday, Cole woke up in bed with us. He sat up and began talking. Adam rolled over and groaned, not wanting to get out of bed. I poked him, telling him to get up!

Me: Daddy needs to get up and make the casserole (for the soup kitchen),
Cole: Daddy make cass-role. I eat DONUT!

At the zoo, with extended family:

Cami: what's that?
Me: lions
Cami: it sounds like the cello!

We went to the zoo to see the new penguin exhibit. The littles have penguins for their lovies and they were super excited to see real penguins. The animals were really friendly and came right up to the window to see us!

Me: Cole what do penguins eat?
Cole: snow balls!

It was so adorable I kept asking him, "What do penguins eat?" He finally got sick of me and said, "HAM!"

Well. That's mildly disturbing.

The best for last:

George: What this?
Me: Squash. Try it. It's like pumpkin.
George: Squash not pumpkin! I not eat squash! Squash live in the forest!
Me: (completely and utterly confused)
Adam: Oh! No! It's not SASQUATCH! It's just SQUASH! We're not eating BIGFOOT.

Regular posting will resume soon! Meanwhile, go enter some giveaways and enjoy the fall!

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  1. That was absolutely adorable. I can't wait for the cute things my children are going to say. <3