Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Overheard and computer problems

  1. My computer died late Saturday night. It was an epic death, complete with chicken pox like spots on the screen. It also left me freaking out that the novel I have been working on for two years was gone, gone, gone. This has happened once before (and we do not speak of that time, ever), so you would think I have stuff backed up, right? Ah, no. I didn't.
  2. BUT I DO NOW! I went to visit the Nice Computer People. The NCP told me that my old laptop was notorious for giving people chicken pox spots and then dying an epic death. I told them that I didn't care about the computer but I did want all the files and, if possible, all the photos. (Yes, THOSE I had backed up on-line!) The NCP sold me a new to me computer, transferred all my files and everything is now backed up on a USB port. They also gave me a discount on the computer. I lub them.
  3. We went to visit my parents this past weekend (which is where the computer death took place and my father had to talk me down). While we were there, Cole kept asking, "I eat ice cream cone? I eat ice cream cone?" I told him that if he looked at my parents charmingly and asked for an ice cream cone, I bet he would get one.

    He did and he did... in fact, he got two. Little turkey!
  4. One the way home, he wasn't quite so cute. He napped really, really well for about 3/4ths of the way home and then woke up. For an entire HOUR, we had this conversation:

    Cole: Mommy, we go home?
    Me: Yes, Bear, we're going home.
    Cole: Okay. (two seconds later) Mommy, we go home?
    Me: Cole, what did I just say?
    Cole: We go home. (one second later) Mommy, we go home?

    I would have turned up the radio but we didn't get any stations! Ah!
  5. Higgins the giant pesky dog continues to get on my ever-loving last nerve. When the kids play outside, we chain him to the house. Yes, the house. Yes, he is that big. If we don't chain him up, he runs away. (Don't feel bad for him. He has a fenced in backyard and several walks a day.) Somehow, he got off the chain. How, I am not sure. His caller was on, the chain wasn't broken and the clip was still intact. Yet, there he was, running down the street.

    Me, on the phone to Adam: I am standing outside, freezing my toes off, because YOUR DOG got off the chain.He still has his collar on. His chain is fine. He's running off down the street with YOUR CHILDREN chasing after him.
    Adam: Poor baby.
  6. Cole: Me lollipop! Me TWO LOLLIPOP!
  7. I'm still getting used to this new computer. The keyboard is smaller and I need to re-install stuff like my Kindle app and bookmarks. Thankfully, though, everything seems to work okay.

    Head over to Jen's for more quick takes! And back up your hard drive!

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