Thursday, September 12, 2013

Overheard: Grown up!

I walked the kids to school this morning. This week, I have been able to get a good mile+ walk in (from school to home, not counting home to school) twice. Considering it is hot, I don't like to sweat and I really don't like getting up early, I'm pretty pleased with myself. My appetite has been off but when I do feel like eating, I've been making wise choices. I think I've lost a little weight!

Anyway, the crossing guard on school grounds was a para in George's preschool classroom last year. She has since moved to working in another area of the school but still pops in to say hello to "her" kids.

Me: George, look there's Miss NAME.

George: Yeah, she not in my class now.

Me: No, no she isn't.

G: Yes, she all growned up now and had to leave!

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