Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Natural Parents Network: Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone at Natural Parents Network:

Natural Parents Network: Traveling AloneI have a post today at Natural Parents Network about "Traveling Alone." This past spring, I boarded a plane alone. For the first time since collage, I was traveling solo, without my husband or children for company. It was slightly exhilarating, although the reason was solemn; my uncle had passed away, and I was spending two nights away from home to attend his memorial service. As an attached parent, leaving my children is not a choice I make lightly. Sure, we leave them with trusted babysitters so we can have a date night. In nine years of parenting, we have left them all for an extended period of time just once, and even then it was with my parents. I have never gone away alone, overnight, unless it was a medical emergency! I simply couldn’t, or didn’t want to, leave my Herd. A few factors played into my decision to go alone this time. Continue reading at Natural Parents Network ››

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  1. And you're going to do it again in a few weeks for fun!!!! So excited...we will have fun and you will return refreshed!