Monday, September 9, 2013

Garage sale find

This post contains affiliate links. Buying items through the links funds our family and helps with the cost of speech therapy.

Adam is becoming a wiz at finding awesome stuff at garage sales!

I should preface this by saying that I have chamange taste on a tap water budget. Good thing I use Pinterest and am not opposed to used items. (Within reason.) Adam knows what I like and I have a habit of saying, "Oh, I want THIS SUPER EXPENSIVE ITEM!" to which he says, "NO WAY."

Take the Phil and Ted's Stroller, for example. I had been asking for one for years, to which he said, "NO WAY." I mean, click on the link. Yes, that is what it would cost with the doubles attachment. However, when he found one at a garage sale, for $75, he snapped it up knowing I would want it. I love this stroller. I can easily take the back seat off and use it as a single stroller. I really only need it for jogging and it is perfect for that.

In addition to the stroller, I have been lusting after a Dyson vacuum cleaner for years. Yes, yes. When our vacuum bit the dust, I asked for a Dyson. He said no. I asked for a refurbished Dyson. He laughed. When I pointed out that we have mega seasonal and dust allergies in the house and the Dyson would really help with that, he said that Consumer Reports didn't rate the Dyson as high as a Hoover. I said whatever, all my friends have and love Dysons.

He asked if all my friends jumped off a cliff with their vacuums, would I do the same.

I told him not to be silly; people who own Dysons would NEVER jump off a cliff with their Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Recently, this topic came up again when Costco had a sale on the very Dyson I wanted. It was 120 off. I e-mailed it him and again he said NO.

This weekend, I stayed home with a migraine + sinus headache. Adam took the kids out and when he came home, the kids said, "Hey Mom! Dad got you a Dyson!"

"Very funny," I muttered from beneth my ice pack. "How the heck do you know what a Dyson is?"

"Oh, honey!" called Adam in a sing-song voice. "Look what I got!"

Yep! He had been driving my garage sales and spied a Hoover carpet cleaner. Because our carpets are horribly stained and ugly. he stopped to look at one. And there... there was a new-ish Dyson Animal that had ONLY be used by a Kirby salesman to show how inferior the Dyson was to a Kirby.

Whatever. I don't want a Kirby. I want a DYSON and for 130 dollars total, they sold BOTH to him!

I am now the proud owner of a Dyson animal, minus a few accessories. It is so quiet! It cleans so well! The hose is so long! I can clean the whole downstairs without unplugging it because the cord is so long! It's light! It's purple! It's awesome!

I may just enjoy cleaning now.

Naw, not that. But I will enjoy my Dyson!

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