Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Cans of Spray Paint and a Pocket Full of Pinterest

I'm in a creative and crafty mood. Normally, I only change things up when stress or upset (Adam knows when he comes home if it has been a rough day because nothing is in its "normal" spot) but I'm not stressed now. Really!

Okay, well, I am either not stressed or soooo stressed I don't realize it and am thus going SUPER CRAZY around here. ANYWAY.

I love Pinterest and I actually use it. I find recipes and ideas and then pin them for later use. I guess some people are overwhelmed by Pinterest or pin things but don't use them. I do! I love being able to open a board and see pictures right there of things I want to do. I've gotten some great ideas (like the soap scum remover!) and really found only a few recipes we don't care for. Yay for Pinterest for keeping life (p)interesting!

I've been decorating and changing things up around here. We had the house repainted in March and, since then, we've needed something new on the mantel. After living with a borrrring mantel wall for several months, I finally decided it needed a big mirror. Thankfully, we had one on hand, thanks to a friend who was remodeling their bathroom and getting rid of their old mirror:

the blurry before.
I texted this to my sister, who is uber creative, good with colors and can think outside the box. I asked her what color and she said, "Black would match the other frames but red would pop." Since the  area in front of the fireplace is dark, red it was!

That ride-on horse was mine as a kid.
Star will not be spray painted. Ever.

A couple coats of gloss Cherry Red and TA-DA! You can't see the texture on the border, but it took a few coats to fully cover the gold and white paint. I placed two layers of painters tape around the edges on the mirror and then tapes down two layers of plastic garbage bags to keep the mirror from turning red. It worked well. I did miss a few spots on the inside (taped too high) but not bad overall!

I also spray painted the knobs on our new china cabinet. Instead of brass, they are now black and closely match this:

dry sink
That is a dry sink my uncle made my grandmother. She willed it to me when she died 30 years ago. It has gone everywhere we have (sans Korea) and held up perfectly in the summer humidity of the South, the salt air of Hawaii, three kids and now my Herd. I don't think I have ever re-finished the wood. There's a little damage on one side but nothing major. The ONLY replacement I did were the knobs. It had wooden knobs, then brass ones and now these black ones that match the original hinges. He's spoiled me with his work (I also have a jewelry box he made me) and I love looking at this and remembering him.

Now, what's next? I am spray painting two chairs that sit at our island, and our UGLY white and brass knobs in our bathroom. Those will be wrapped in twine and we plan to glaze our cabinets. That I might farm out, since it looks like it is a PITA, what with sanding and everything. (I think black, white and green will be the color scheme in there.) After that, I think I have some chairs I want to re-cover...


  1. Ok, I need your advice. I have a table that is in decent shape structurally but has a lot of "kid" wear and tear, scratched surface, glue stains, sharpie stains, etc, you know what I mean:) I want to paint it black. It is an oak table I think. I saw an article about sanding and staining tables to black but I see many people mentioning spray paint. Thoughts? Here is what I was going to try. My table and chairs are the color of those in this picture.

    1. It would probably look better sanded and stained but if you don't have an emotional attachment to it and want "quick and dirty"- go for the spray paint.

  2. Thanks! No emotional attachment at all. Just looking for a quick, cheap, easy fix so it looks better than it does now!