Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Takes Friday

  1. In our school district, you have to take band, orchestra or choir in junior high. This basically means that you have to start thinking about instruments in fourth grade, if you even think you want to be in band or orchestra in junior high. Um, my kid is nine. I am not ready to be thinking about junior high right now?

Anyway, he came home with a sign up sheet for orchestra. We talked a little and he admitted he wants to play the cello or viola. When asked why, he shrugged and said that he likes how they sound. I can't really argue with that.

2. We talked about what a big responsibility it is, how he needs to practice a couple times a week and how he needs to keep the instrument away from his brothers. I don't know the direct cost but the list seems reasonable. I don't know much about instruments or cellos or anything music related but I do have a decent idea of what is needed and what would be fluff. (Thank you for my siblings and their years of band!)

3. My family is fairly musical. In fact, everyone has sung or played an instrument but  me. My cousin's little girl is VERY musically gifted. She's amazing. I joke I gave up any musical talent I have to her. I've played the recorder- unwillingly- in college. That's about it. I can't even sing!

4. Adam played the clarinet. After that, we have a tuba/sousaphone player, French Horn, trumpet, piano, flute and many choir members. And then there's me. I go to events, know what I like to listen to and clap politely. That's the extent of my musical ability. Sigh.

5. We did discuss band and thus marching band in high school. I told Joe he's committed through at least this year but, honestly, I want him to go through junior high. He really isn't interested in band. I'm not terribly disappointed. I really don't want to have to deal with the hard core band parents! Yet I think orchestra will give him a group of friends to hang out with, something constructive to do and "culture" if you will. My friend who is a professional musician thinks that learning to read music and play an instrument will appeal to Joe's logical, engineer brain. I'm all for anything that will challenge this kid!

6. Did you know you can make a cello fart? Le sigh.

7. I did seven quick takes on orchestra, band and cellos and NOT ONCE did I make a wisecrack about needing ear plugs. I want credit for that!

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