Friday, August 2, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Randomness, in no apparent order

  1. I am having a first world planner problem. I have an Erin Condren notebook with the custom calendar add-on in the front. Love, love, love it! I drag it with me everywhere and when I leave it at home, I think I felt a part of me behind! I use to it doodle notes, write down scenes as they pop into my head, make to-do lists, menu plan and, in general, keep track of our LIVES. LIVES, people!

    This one "expires" in Sept and since they take several weeks to be printed and mailed (custom printing, people, in the USA!) I need to make a choice NOW. But what to choose? What color? Print? What should is say on the front? I think I have it narrowed down to the Thoreau quote, chevron (but what color?!), flowers or multi-colored flowers.

    And do I get the notebook with calendar or the real life planner???

    Am I indecisive? Yes. Am I over thinking this? You bet! But, dude, when I spend $50 on something I have to live with for the rest of the year, I want to make sure I have NO buyers remorse!
  2. At least I know what picture I want on the back...
  3. I was having a boo-hoo week until my awesome friends unknowingly stepped up to the plate. They let me chat and ramble and show them things on my spiffy cool new phone and four of us even went out to dinner. I held a little four month old sweetie with wild hair, smelled his new baby smell and played with him.
  4. Another friend went out of her way to call me, chat and ask for a doula
    recommendation. (Hey, I said this would be random!) I might be three years out of this birth thing and 18 month out of nursing but people still call me for birth stuff and nursing advice. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea about that stuff anymore. So, so much has changed since I had Joseph! Once I get talking, though, I remember and it's nice to chat about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies.
  5. This is good because I have NO IDEA what to do with the tweeny kids. None. I mean, I can deal with OTHER PEOPLE'S tweens but the one who lives in my house? OMGOSH, no idea. He's awesome. He's amazing. He scares me.
  6. Speaking of tweens, Joseph is smelling like a, um, tween. The deodorant we got him wasn't going its job. He was balking at the idea until I found him some stuff "for men" that I jokingly said smells like beer and sawdust; very manly. Apparently, if it is for men, he will use it.

    Side note: I am convinced that all-natural, such and such free, etc doesn't work on hormonal, smelly tweens/teens/people. Perhaps that is why I can find it "for babies," and "for toddlers" and even "for adults." But where's the natural stuff that mirrors the chemical laden smelly, sparkly stuff tweens like? It doesn't exist. Why? Because to keep from being too stinky, you need to spray your kid down with chemicals. Children, you will once again be chemical-free when those hormones calm the heck down!

    Side side note to future children reading this: I love you. I post this in the interest of educating others because, um, I had no idea.
  7. Oh, and that awesome, yummy dinner I had with my friends? Yeah, after that dinner I found a kitten... and that is a post unto itself.


  1. Birth junkie here as well! I do the google calendar but I love the feel of a hard copy calendar

  2. I tried to do a google calendar but I just couldn't make it work for me! I need a hard copy in my hands. I don't know... I think I will be the last hold out for hard copy planners!