Friday, August 9, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Mid-Life Crisis

  1. I swear I am having some sort of mid-life crisis. The other week, I stepped into a cute little boutique place because they had maxi dresses on sale. I love maxi dresses and maxi dresses in chevron? I had to try them on!
Sadly, they didn't have the chevron dresses in my size but I ended up finding two that I love... and they aren't black! One is a peaches and cream color and the other is navy and brown. But wait! The navy dress has an angled skirt that makes it fun to dress up or down. I wore it when I went out to dinner with friends.
The same store had tons of pretty jewelry. My older cousin always has the best jewelry and accessories so I try to channel her when I am picking out earrings or a necklaces. I found the neatest purple flower earrings at the store . . . a dangling cascade of small purple flowers. I showed it to Adam who said, "NO!' and then, "Maybe for your birthday."
Before you think my husband is all evil, I had just bought earrings and necklaces at another little store. They were having 50 per cent off their already reduced prices. I got several pairs for 2-5 dollars a set! Sweet!
Speaking of necklaces, Willa Rose Creations made me an awesome Apraxia Awareness necklace. It is so hard to find anything related to Apraxia let alone nice jewelry. She has a sample of it on her FB page. It's a basic circle with "every child deserves a voice" on it, an awareness ribbon and a blue stone. Her prices are great and her customer service was excellent. If you don't need an Apraxia Awareness necklace, then check out her other stuff . . . it's all so cute and makes me want to spend money!(No, she didn't ask me to write about this; this is all my own opinions and experience.)
I also brought a cute locket from Valley Girl Designs on Etsy. I have a special penny that I wanted to wear around my neck. True to my picky form, I didn't want the penny to be altered in any way. I found a "lucky penny" charm but didn't like it. I ended up searching for lockets and found one I love on Valley Girl Designs. It has cherry blossoms on it, which is a "thing" with our Herd. Plus, she threw in super cute free earrings! (Again, this is not something I was asked to promo; I bought these with my own money and my opinions are, as always, my own.)
Oh, the hair. Let's detour for a moment. My littles HATE getting their haircut. HATE. But when you grow a mullet, my sons, you must get your hair cut! I ended up buying clippers and cutting their hair myself. Does it look professional? No. Is it horrible? Nope, somewhere in between! At $15 a hair cut, I saved us $15 by buying the deluxe clipper set. We're going with Haircuts By Mom until they sit still and stop freaking out.
Now, MY HAIR. I wanted something new, different but not too new and different. No Mom-Bob either. I texted my sister several pics of hair cuts on found on Pinterest. She and my friends all voted for one that was shorter than my normal do and slightly messy. I got the cut and, while I don't have the super strong gel/wax, to do the messy do, it still looks awesome. Fun and light.
And afterwards, I got Dairy Queen and didn't share!
Speaking of crisis- wow, this year has been rough. I told Adam that I needed a straight up vacation. He told me I've traveled enough alone. Some friends came to the rescue and we are planning a girls weekend away! We've known each other since our big kids were babies and kept in touch over the years. I'm excited to be traveling alone, sans husband and kids, for a fun reason that DOES NOT include the train! Woohoo!
You know the drill- go find Jen at Conversion Diary and read about someone who isn't having a mid-life crisis!   


  1. Ohhh....a vacation sounds lovely. I just bought a ton of maxi dresses a few weeks them.

  2. I've never been on a mom's weekend away so I am excited! We have the hotel and rough plans; can't wait!

    Aren't maxi dresses the best?!